Thousands of Miles Away

Beautiful Smile

The more one travels the more apparent it becomes; the world is big, cultures do vary, but people will always be people.  The aura of Africa entices many, and the West has succeeded in sensationalizing the continent.  Yet, as you walk through the markets, sit in the classrooms, or drive down the roads, the mysticism disappears and life, as it has been, and will be, emerges; natural, normal, ordinary.  To step into peoples lives and immerse in their reality for a while is a unifying experience.  It congeals the notion that we are all God’s children, sharing our joys and hardships with those around us.  And it underscores that we are all in need of love and grace.

Several planes and a day later we are back in America.  We saw and did so much that our trip felt long, yet saddened that it is now over.  There were a lot of highlights that will be cherished, yet the pervading remembrance centers around the demands UrbanPromise International and its ministries are fulfilling.  The Malawian children and their communities are so eager to embrace the programs.  It is hard to understand, born and raised in America (the land of opportunity).  We are indoctrinated from an early age that if you want it bad enough, it can be achieved.  In Malawi, there are obstacles, hindrances, and circumstances that if your lot is not right, your future is set, and it doesn’t matter what your dreams may be; unattainable is a reality.  That is why each Malawian fellow that comes to UrbanPromise to train and learn has a remarkable testimony.  Each has a story of God’s hand directly in their lives lifting them up to the one percent of Malawian citizens who earn a degree.  And that is why each fellow has a desire to give back, to be God’s instrument in removing those obstacles and changing the circumstances of Malawi’s next generation.  Undoubtedly the difficulties run deep and wide, yet in less than a year, since the introduction of these ministries, hundreds of children and several communities have been influenced.  The opportunity for growth and the impact on Malawi remains vast and immeasurable.  The appreciation for what is being done, however, is well understood. 

It truly was a spectacular journey.