Back to the Grind in Honduras

After taking a break to visit friends and family, our leaders in Honduras are back in Copan Ruinas and gearing up for the school year.   Their summer program was a great success... here's one of their posts from the end of summer.  For more, visit 

Bruce Main and Messy/Water Day

4 08 2009

This past week we had the pleasure of hosting the president and founder of UrbanPromise, Bruce Main. It was the first real visitor that we’ve gotten to host, and it was a week filled with fun and memories. It was great being able to share with Bruce the culture of Honduras, the city of Copan Ruinas, the wonderful families and children we’re blessed with, and the first international site of UrbanPromise programs. I think we were all encouraged by what God has been doing.


We had to show Bruce the Mayan ruins, for which Copan Ruinas is so famous for. We had an amazing guide named Saul (ask for Saul if you want an interesting ruin tour) and since there are no tourists around, we had the whole ruins to ourselves. This picture is not staged – its purely the magic of an amazing place and some trained macaws.


The UP Honduras team with Bruce, all on our own in the ruins.


A highlight for me was doing the “bean skit” with Bruce. For those of you who don’t know what the bean skit is, its a really stupid skit that has been around for many years (Bruce was doing it when he was a program director), but its an old favourite. Basically its a movie set with a director, and these actors are acting out this scene where they are eating beans, they end up dying and a doctor comes in to try to revive them – to no avail. The director is always upset with the actors and tries the take in different stupid ridiculous styles, like slow motion, fast motion, where everyones ninjas or where everyones babies, etc.

Anyways, watching Bruce in action as the director…years and years of child ministry and practice doing the bean skit has brought Bruce into the “genius” level for the bean skit. Truly a thing everyone should experience before they die – if you like the bean skit.


We finished off the week with Messy/Water day, which involved many different games, skits and activities that either involved getting really messy or really wet. It was a blast. We got to do fearfactor, which is my personal favourite. I always love the challenge of trying to make kids puke.


We also bought a couple tarps and made a slip and slide, honduras style. Definitely a hit.


A great way to end off a great week.