A Wilmington, DE team in Malawi!

Friends of UPI from Wilmington, Delaware ventured to Malawi this month to visit our ministries and support their work.   The following is an e-mail sent from Becky Schorn to her family and friends...

Many Many praises!!
The entire team arrived safely on Sat with ALL 16 bags!  Robert, Willie, Peter and I met them at the airport and were able to wave to them from a second floor balcony.  Robert is an amazing man full of the favor of God.  He got the official to let him and I back into the luggage area to great and help.  Then we went as a group through customs and the man wanted us to start filling out paperwork and when he asked us what we had we told him school supplies etc.  Robert said we were here to visit his church and do missions and the man said then come on in!  The next stop they opened one bag and Robert said we were here to preach the gospel and the guy said no problem go on.  All those bags just went through without a hitch!
We are all feeling well and being totally blessed to be in Malawi and to be visiting with the people.
Yesterday we worshipped at Robert's church.  Half the team taught 150 kids that they are a treasure from God and Jesus wants them to help Him find lost coins.  The other half of the group gave testimonies to about 100+ teens.  Then in the main service we sang a few songs and Jon preached on Psalm 23.  Afterwards we served the entire church beef and rice, starting with the kids first!  We spent the afternoon watching a soccer match and then ended it with a time of fellowship in Robert's home.  We all enjoyed traditional Malawian food of fish, nisema, peanuts and greens, and of course soda & ice cream :)
Today we were in groups of three and visited the homes of some of Robert's kids and got to pray with families.  It was really special and humbling to be in their homes and to receive gifts of food from their hearts.  It seemed that God sent specific members of our group to specific houses. 
We also toured the city and had a history lesson.  Turns out the first president of Malawi's favorite scripture was Ps 23:1-2 the exact passage that God put on Jon's heart to share.
Robert asked us last night where have we seen Jesus today?  I think we have not stopped seeing His hand putting together even the smallest details of the trip.  We cannot express how amazing it is to be here and to be united with our family in Malawi.
Tomorrow we are ministering at the Korean hospital and visiting Robert's afterschool program Christ Cares.  Wednesday we will visit Peter's village, a school and a hospital in his town.
We have felt all of your prayers and really need them to continue.  We have so many stories and experiences to share.
Becky and the Malawi team