Update on Malawi Leaders’ visit

Written by Alinda Charity - UPI Fellow.

It is so amazing to know that even in this generation there are young leaders who are still passionate about transforming the lives of the children in the most under-resourced communities in the world. In this case, Tinashe Saka, Sullivan Kandulu, Gibozi Mphanzi, Robert Manda, and Za Chijere are my heroes!

Two weeks ago these five leaders from Malawi (Urban Promise international affiliate ministries) flew into the States to share stories about the wonderful work taking place in Malawi . It has only been two years since theses ministries started but what has been done so far is phenomenal.  They are changing the lives of children, their families, and their villages.

Tinashe the leader of RiseMalawi says, “Our program provides a full healthy meal each day of camp, we get kids to play, teach them bible verses, pray together and also help them with their homework. The kids who have been coming to our program have developed relationships with us and you can tell that they love it and that they’re very happy about what we teach them.”  Tinashe is so passionate about educating young women; she says that education is the only way for young girls to be empowered to succeed in this developing world.

For the time they have been in the States, they have visited various churches, individual groups and friends, they have told stories about the ministries and for sure great work is happening in Malawi , and lives of children are being changed.

If you want to connect with them during their visit, please see our Calendar.