Vision trip update...

A message from Will in Malawi Yesterday we visited Project TEACH's after school program in Luchenza. Attendance was lower than usual because the headmaster of the school passed away. We still had a good turnout with about 23 students.
John, one of TEACH's leaders, introduced us to all the students and then all of the students introduced themselves to us. All of us on the trip are always amazed at how well the children behave when we visit the different ministries and this was no exception.
Because the head leader, Sullivan, was away for the funeral of a close friend, Tony stepped in for the daily devotion. Tony demonstrated his gift by telling an inspirational and encouraging story which the children, leaders and all in our group enjoyed.
After the children had a snack and drink they joined Carol, Kim, Tony, Molly and Lindsey in a classroom set up for painting the fabric backpacks we brought with us. The children LOVED the backpacks!
The boys and girls then joined Peter, John, Dylan and Will for several Minute to Win It games. Everyone was screaming with excitement.
We all joined the children for a game of soccer. This must have been the highlight of Dylan's day as he LOVES soccer!

This morning Sullivan lead us for a hike up Mt Mulanje. This was both challenging terrain as well as a steep climb. We were rewarded at the top of our climb with a dip in a watering hole at the bottom of a large waterfall. Most of us jumped from a large boulder about 10 ft above the water. The water was both refreshing and FREEZING!

Stay tuned for the next update. Thanks for your support and God bless.
-By Will