Christmas Change Challenge!

There is a buzz around the Camden Forward School at UrbanPromise and it's all because the Principal, Ms. Baker, told the kids about a boy named Harold.

Harold is a 12 year old boy in Malawi.   He begins his morning chores before the sun rises, fetching water, collecting firewood, and tending to their small garden.   He prepares breakfast for the family and begins his long walk to school.

Harold is an orphan.  His parents died when he was young.  He then lived with his aunt who also became ill and died.  He now lives with his grandfather and 6 younger siblings and cousins.   Harold's grandfather is old and unable to care for the family.

This makes Harold (at just 12 years old) the primary caretaker!

With all that is happening in Harold's life, he still does not miss one day of AfterSchool Program.   He knows that when he goes to AfterSchool program, he can play, learn, and eat a full meal!

Ms. Baker told her students that it costs just 82 cents to provide one meal for Harold and asked them to help collect change.   The kids of the Camden Forward School took this charge seriously, bringing bags of change each day, carefully tallying the new total for each class.    By the 4th collection day, the kid's collected over $370, more than the average Malawian makes in one year!

I'm touched by the spirit of the kids of the Camden Forward School!  They gave generously in a spirit of kindness.  Now they're hoping we can set-up a video conference for them with Harold next month!!

The grand total of their collection: $628.61, which will purchase 766 meals!!

I hope you will partner in this effort to ensure that Harold and all the kids we serve in Malawi will have good food to eat this season!

Would you consider matching the collection of one of the classes?

K- $33.72
1st - $40.61
2nd -$31.12
3rd- $109.56
4th- $90.46
5th- $60.06
6th- $83.78
7th- $128.40
8th- $50.90

Total: $628.61

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P.S.   Thanks to those of you that have already given, we now have enough for more than 3,300 meals!  We need to fund 6,700 more meals to make it through the rainy season in Malawi.