Amazing Race -- Bruce Main

Energy was running high this morning at Camp Hope—UrbanPromise Honduras’ oldest summer camp.  After all, it was Friday—Amazing Race Day!

Children were divided into teams.  With precious seconds ticking, each team made their way through obstacle courses, glided along slip and slides, ate cold oatmeal, and grunted out pushups—all for the bragging rights of winning the 2012 Camp Race.


 “The kids are really into it today,” smiled Kayla, a 20-year-old summer counselor from Honduras.  “They are just having too much fun.”

Most children in under-resourced communities do not have the opportunity to attend summer camps.  Well run summer camps are for children with monetary means—families who can afford to get their children out of hot cities during the summer months.

Twenty-five years ago UrbanPromise made a commitment to run quality summer camps for children who would otherwise be roaming the streets looking for trouble.  Whether it’s singing the “Funky Chicken,” watching a skit about Jonah and the Whale, or dodging water balloons for the Amazing Race, children are having fun, learning, and experiencing love through young men and women who are passionate about their faith.

Today, children in the slums of Malawi, the inner cities of Camden, Wilmington, and Trenton, the barrio of Little Havana, in downtown Toronto, and on the east side of Vancouver are all enjoying camp because of faithful friends like you.  Thanks!