Girls' Empowerment--Raising up a New Generation of Women in Malawi

"What kinds of things do boys say to have sex with you?" asked former UPI fellow, Doreen Kaphalanya.  There was an immediate burst of laughter from the standing-room only crowd--about 100 girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

"You're the only," shouted one girl.

"I'll marry you," called another.

At this point Doreen got serious.  She cautioned the girls about some of the dangers of sexual activity and how they have the power to say, "No!"

Last September, UPI funded Doreen to return to Malawi to begin a girls' empowerment program with ChristCares Ministries.  For the past year, three days a week, Doreen talks candidly with young women about self-esteem, education, faith

The girls sit in rapt attention as they listen to this poised, educated, college graduate.  More than the lessons she teaches, Doreen's effectiveness is the life she leads.  A college graduate, committed in her faith, who has returned to the village.  That speaks volumes to these young learners. --Bruce Main



Doreen, inspiring young girls to expect great futures.