AfterSchool Programs Resume (Janelle's update)

Hey there! We have had a great week so far, completing two days of after-school programs with the children. Their energy and excitement to be back after their trimester holiday was encouraging and they were ready for the activities we had planned. I attempted to teach them ultimate frisbee for recreation time, which was a little confusing and chaotic at first, but they seemed to get the hang of it! The kids are quite shy speaking English so far, so I'm hoping they warm up more and I'm able to get to know them on a deeper level. They are so well behaved, respectful, and hardworking -sitting quietly while eating lunch, helping carry buckets of food and water to/from camp (perhaps they can teach me their head balancing skills by the end of the summer!), and following the leaders' instructions. I think they could teach American kids a thing or two!

I was also able to volunteer at the Madisi Mission Hospital two days this week. I did a lot of observing since my Chichewa language skills are not quite good enough to be interviewing patients nor are my clinical medical skills very advanced yet. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for exactly how I can be helpful there over the coming weeks. There are very limited resources and many challenges there, but I'm not sure how I can fit into the picture. The most exciting thing was that I got to see a baby get born in the operating room via c-section! While I felt a little light-headed at moments and had to sit down, it was a special moment to witness!

I'm sorry to keep this short and picture-less this week, but I hope to do a better job next time. Tinashe is taking me up to the Northern region of Malawi this weekend to meet her parents and see her home village. I'm quite excited to stay with her family and see another part of the country! Have a nice weekend! ~Janelle


Submitted by Grandma T. on

Love to you as you continue to experience life in a new way. I am sure that you will carry with you what you are seeing and feeling here as you go forward. I share with you the excitement of seeing children and youth engaged in wholesome and encouraging activities. Blessings to you as you serve the medical community. You have so much to offer in so many ways. Tinashe appears to be showing you many facets of life in Malawi. I thank her for that.

Submitted by Steve Campbell on

Hi, Janelle,
Your blog details are great! I had coffee with your mom and the other 4th grade teachers earlier this week and heard more about your adventures then. I'm so pleased to know you have this opportunity and am sure you're making the most of it. Pace yourself as you move through the weeks ahead. Do you know that Steven Curtis Chapman song, "His strength is perfect?" Maybe you can find it online. It's kind of an Isaiah 40:31, "renew your strength" kind of song.

Looking forward to keeping up with your activities! God bless.

Steve Campbell

Submitted by Kelly- Little F... on

Lot's of practical questions on this end from the prayer team:
What about chicken or fish--is the local diet vegetarian?
How are you getting around (transportation)?
Have you met any strange wildlife (bugs)?
What other activities do you do with the kids?

We will work this week to learn a greeting in Chichewa, perhaps we will be able to greet you properly upon your return.
LFUMC kids had their promotion sunday this week, your Mom led the funnest program of the "Would you rather" game. For example, the kids asked the cong. would you rather be in the wilderness for 40 days or on Noah's ark for 40 days?"--kids and adults gave their answers and it promoted discussion, and was fun.
Of course, we are praying for you. Have a wonderful trip and weekend. Blessings, kelly