Budget Reduction & Wish List

You Can Make a Difference!

UrbanPromise International relies primarily on private individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations to finance our programs and operations. We strive to manage our budget in the most cost-effective manner possible. In-kind gifts—non-monetary contributions of goods or services—enable us to direct the majority of dollars to our ministries and fellows. Each in-kind gift is tax-deductible and an alternative way for donors to influence the lives of those we serve. The following Budget Reduction and Wish List items have been requested by staff who work directly with our ministries.

Remember all donations are tax-deductible.
Please let us know which program should receive your gift.
Thank you for your support of UrbanPromise International!

Our Wish List

General Programs

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Color laser printer
  • Gym and fitness equipment
  • Office supplies (printer paper, pens, staplers, etc.)
  • Frequent-flyer miles
  • Tickets to local sporting events, concerts, plays, ballets, museums, movies, and amusement parks
  • 12-passenger van
  • Digital cameras and video recorders
  • Gift cards to: Staples, Office Depot, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores

AfterSchool Programs & Summer Camps (to send to our international sites)

  • Pencils, pens
  • Soccer balls, frisbees
  • Small containers of bubbles, sidewalk chalk
  • Art supplies
  • Backpacks
  • Journals
  • Rulers, erasers

Fellows Program

  • Twin size mattresses
  • Metal bunkbeds
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Fans
  • Lamps
  • Laptops/Ipads
  • Flashdrives
  • Kindles
  • Bedding
  • Amazon gift cards, international calling cards


Budget Reduction List

The following in-kind gifts and services would dramatically reduce our budget, allowing more of our dollars to provide for our programs and youth.

Need Description Annual Cost to UPI
Laptop and desktop computers (preferably Macintosh), iPads, and printers All computers and related equipment have been donated. UrbanPromise International would like to offer our fellows and our ministries access to more updated and diverse technology to better prepare them for ministry. N / A
Meals/groceries for 70 college-aged interns & fellows Three meals a day, seven days a week are provided to 20 summer interns and 50 academic year interns/fellows. $75,000
UPSEL academic curricula UrbanPromise International  is constantly strengthening academic curricula for the UPSEL program. Access to books, lectures, classes, and professional speakers is critical to providing a solid learning environment for our fellows. $10,000
Gas to fuel vehicles UrbanPromise International vehicles are used to transport fellows to program(s) and home and on special trips/events. $8,000
Frequent-flyer miles

UrbanPromise International covers the cost of fellows flying to Camden from around the world. Staff also travel to our ministries in Africa and Central America to offer support, resources, and encouragement.  Frequent-flyer miles would help cut down on travel costs.

N / A
Vacation homes/getaways for staff UrbanPromise International staff work long hours with limited pay so that resources can be utilized for programming and the betterment of our youth. We would like to offer them benefits such as access to vacation homes and travel opportunities. N / A
Office supplies and resources UrbanPromise International utilizes resources (e.g., copy paper, janitorial supplies, water coolers) to support both staff in the office and ministries around the world. $5,000
Counseling/therapy Partially provided by volunteers and local agencies such as Center for Family Services and Hispanic Family Center.
N / A
Legal/pro-bono work There are visa issues that come up when dealing with international students and ministries. N / A