We believe that the most potent means for effecting change is through the development of indigenous leadership and have chosen to address the many challenges facing youth today through the cultivation and development of young visionaries. UrbanPromise International provides the means for empowering leaders to impact their communities through organizations that effectively meet the needs of local populations.

UrbanPromise International’s School of Entrepreneurial Leadership (UPSEL) was founded eight years ago to offer college-educated global visionaries a fellowship opportunity. During their time in Camden, the Fellows receive in-depth instruction in nonprofit organizational leadership from local managing directors and practical training experience with UrbanPromise personnel. In the final stage of the program, Fellows develop project proposals to present to our Board of Directors, with the goal of funding start-up affiliates in their communities abroad or to expand existing programs. There are also significant cross-cultural experiences involving numerous aspects of American life, and the opportunity to foster an understanding of the Fellows’ home countries among American colleagues.

There are two streams of fellowships that an applicant can apply for:

The International internship - Applicants should currently be in a college program outside of the United States or a recent graduate (less than one year) in any of the following academic fields:

Theology/Religious Studies, Social Services, Management, Organizational Leadership, Finance (focusing on non-profits), Community Development, Urban Studies, Human Resources, Education/Literacy, Health Services, Youth Development, or related academic fields that can be applied to careers with community service institutions.

The foreign intern will move through four modules of learning during their time that include - Ministry / Faith-Based Careers,  Organizational Establishment & Management, Youth Program Development & Community Coordination, and Start-Up Project Proposal Preparation & Presentation.

Each module will enable foreign interns to enhance their college educations with several assignments, practical learning opportunities and shadowing teachers and other UrbanPromise program professionals.

The International trainee program will generally follow the outline for interns, but applicants will be foreign college graduates with at least two years experience in the fields noted above. The training in this program will involve somewhat more advanced levels of learning, ministry, theory and practical training commensurate with the proven work experience and demonstrated achievements already shown by the applicants in their chosen career fields.

All applicants must show strong English language skills, both verbal and written.