Canada: Toronto

Toronto, Canada
About this ministry

Founded in 1998, UrbanPromise Toronto exists to proclaim the love of Jesus, and to express it through the spiritual, social and educational development of children, youth, and families living in Toronto Community Housing (TCH). 

TCH is the largest provider of social housing in Canada and is home to seniors, families, singles, refugees, recent immigrants to Canada and people with special needs.  We are privileged to serve these communities by offering AfterSchool Programs, Summer Camps, a StreetLeader program, leadership development, and experiential learning.

Areas of Focus


  • Homework assistance, mentoring, and healthy snacks
  • Focus on spiritual awareness and educational achievement
  • Camps offer games, music, dance, drama, and field trips


  • Trains teens in servant leadership
  • Teaches respect and responsibility
  • Creates visionary young leaders



  • Leadership development initiative for high school students
  • Weekly Bible study and mentoring
  • Several retreats throughout the year
Volunteers are essential to our programs. Their gift of time and support greatly benefit our children and youth.
Food and healthy living are a priority in our programs. Children that are hungry cannot learn well, snacks are provided to give a much needed energy boost.
During the year, over 300 youth benefit from AfterSchool and Summer camp programming