Canada: UrbanPromise Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
About this ministry


Promise Vancouver is a place where people from various backgrounds (including socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, generational, and occupational) gather to build positive relationships with the intent of providing children and young adults with opportunities to be equipped with the experience and skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and leadership. We strive to fulfill this mission through after-school programs, summer camps, experiential learning, job training, mentoring relationships, and a host of other programs that challenge youth to develop and realize their potential.

Our goal is to bring positive change to the world by caring for and restoring individuals, families, and communities, as a new generation of young leaders affects social, economic, and spiritual revitalization in their neighbourhoods, Metro Vancouver, and the world.


Why do we exist?
Promise Vancouver exists to transform Metro Vancouver for good through serving the children, youth, and families in our neighbourhoods with love and extending an invitation for all people to be part of this transforming journey.


What do we do to fulfill our purpose?
Promise Vancouver does the following to fulfill its purpose:
CARE for people - acting locally, thinking globally and eternally
CREATE opportunities and space to bring people together from diverse backgrounds with various passions, gifts, and abilities
CULTIVATE character within people and peace and wholeness within our communities

Our promise is to provide and continuously build a community that harnesses positive growth for the youth of today, and rise together for a better tomorrow.


Where are we ultimately headed?
To present opportunities for every person in Metro Vancouver to experience the transformative power of love through meaningful relationships between people from different socio-economic, generational, and ethnic backgrounds, as they care for and positively influence local neighbourhoods and the people who live in them.


How do we carry out our mission?
Promise Vancouver carries out its mission through living out the following values . . .
• Empowering and Equipping Youth to be Leaders for Our Future
• Servant Leadership
• Justice leading to Reconciliation
• Authentic Relationships
• Creating Strategic, Synergistic Connections
• Commitment to the Local Community