Tertulia Creativa

About this ministry

Our vision:Inspiring children and youth, through Christian principles, to be influential leaders in their communities.

Our reality: Many youth face a harsh, daily reality that results in a lack of opportunity and purpose in life. Children are often required to begin working at a young age, therefore abandoning their studies and quickly becoming consumed by negative cycles that prevent their development as productive citizens of society.

Tertulia Creativa provides creative and innovative spaces for children and youth to cultivate an appreciation for education and develop a life plan based on our core Christian principles of peace, justice, reconciliation and forgiveness.

This will be achieved through two main programs: after-school and youth programs. At our AfterSchool Programs children will grow through homework support, Bible classes, and art workshops. Youth will be provided opportunities to put their learning into practice, creating a network of support to help them reach their God-given potential.