Dominican Republic: Urban Promise DR

Dominican Republic: UrbanPromise Dominican Republic
About this ministry

UrbanPromise Dominican Republic launched its first summer camp in 2016. We serve the children and youth of Kilometro 26 in Santo Domingo Norte. The mission for UP DR is to empower Dominican children and youth by instilling Christian principles of human dignity, promoting education to inspire new ideas that will motivate others to achieve excellence, and to embrace the diversity that make up the Dominican people. With the country's history of prejudice and generational racism, we focus on developing relationships and teaching our young people to love like Christ loves.

UrbanPromise Dominican Republic's programs are youth lead and are Christ centered. We reach children through our AfterSchool Programs and Summer Camps and mentor and employ local youth.

Areas of Focus

AfterSchool Program:

We focus on academic and spiritual growth. We create an environment where children feel safe and loved. The children are not only mentored and tutored by the Youth Leaders but they are encouraged to achieve excellence.

Summer Camp:

Summer is a fun time for Camp Agape! We gear summer camp activities for elementary aged school children. We also provide a fun and interactive environment where the children develop friendships through teamwork.

Youth Leadership:

The youth are challenged to become agents of change in their own communities. These young people serve as counselors, tutors, and mentors for the children that participate in our programs.

Summer Camp: Camp Agape is UP DR's first camp. We serve the children and youth of Kilometro 26. Children and youth are engaged and encouraged to develop diverse friendships.
As the children sing songs, make arts and crafts, play sports, they learn to embrace their neighbor and to strive to unite the community of Kilometro 26.
As these high school aged youth are mentored and tutored they learn how to plan lessons, teach, inspire children, and become agents of change in their community.