YouthPromise Kenya

Embu, Kenya
About this ministry

Our first UrbanPromise site in Kenya is located in Embu, Kenya and is led by James Mureithi, a graduate of the UrbanPromise School of Leadership. YouthPromise Kenya is using the UrbanPromise model of afterschool programs and summer camps with a focus on digital literacy to serve the children and youth of Embu.

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Areas of Focus

Afterschool Program

  • One on one tutoring
  • Bible studies
  • Mentoring

Teen Tech Clubs

  • Introduction to computer skills
  • Field Trips
  • Youth programs

Digital Literacy

  • Learn basic computer skills
  • Access to the internet
  • Develop job skills
We have 50+ kids coming to our programs for tutoring, discipleship and hands on computer time.
Our weekly Teen Tech Clubs have over 160 youth involved from 8 partner schools.
YouthPromise serves 150 high school graduates by providing a mentorship and computer training program in order to equip them for college or the workforce.